Saturday, January 27, 2007

my friend chaucer

when i woke up this morning i started thinking about chaucer. you know, the 14th century poet who is responsible for the canterbury tales, troilus and criseyde, and the book of the duchess. i was wondering whether his old english friends considered geoffrey to be an ordinary fellow or a crazy loon. as a senior at SPU, i wrote this essay on chaucer, which claims that "it is not difficult to imagine chaucer stooped over his manuscript smirking mischeviously as he subltly pokes fun at narrators like the man of law." the essay speaks with such authority that i'm rather positive that chaucer was something of a goofy academic. and--this is odd--i read the essay just now and am feeling a strange saturday morning kinship with this mysterious genius. however, this has nothing to do with anything, and i'm not quite sure why it popped into my head or why i'm posting this.