Tuesday, January 30, 2007

back page: the brothers k

the brothers k
by david james duncan

"...maybe i don't like perfect circles...in any case, i apologize for casting a shadow over this otherwise brilliant achievement. after all, i think [that the brothers k is] quite capable of casting its own shadows. david james duncan's characters are crazy extremes, yet he somehow makes them so believable and life-like that their suffering is contagious (beware). duncan also invents new twists to common language (metaphors) that open his world to us in a funny, unique way."

according to my myspace page, the brothers k is my favorite novel. i love it. if you like stories that address issues of faith, philosopy, baseball, the pacific northwest, family, love, politics, nature, war, mental health, or redemption, then you must read the brothers k. now. stop reading this blog; you are wasting time that could be spent reading the brothers k, the best book on the planet.

go forth and read.

andrew david. "river teeth" banff/jasper national park, alberta.
(incidentally, river teeth is a journal of creative nonfiction that is edited by david james duncan.)


Beth said...

Great recommendation. I love The Brothers K, too. It's the best.

Joel said...

also one of my alltime favorites. Have you read Tim Winton's Cloudstreet?

I love the way that you say "according to my myspace page," like you're a lazy journalist who's been assigned to find out more about this "Andrew David" character but you weren't able to track yourself down for an interview. Hilarious!

andrew said...

i just amazoned it, and it looks like a good book to pick up during my next half price books run.

i'm glad you found it funny! half the things i write on here are for my own amusement. it's good to hear someone else laughing. unfortunately, i'm afraid that i'm worse than a lazy journalist: i'm an inaccurate journalist--the myspace page lists djd's tbk as an 'interest,' but there's nothing about favorites....

Arrr it's yer berthday! said...

The best book ever? Better than The Road or The Bible... Hmm