Tuesday, January 16, 2007

blood diamond (addendum)

errrrr...yesterday's post didn't quite return to my roommate's skepticism of blood diamond. obviously, the film is a hollywood creation. as nora the newly employed (congratulations, nora!) observed, despite the film's frank depiction of harsh violence, there are certain fairy tale components to the plot. however, i stand by philosophical veracity of blood diamond--there must be some concise term for lowercase truth in cinema, but what is it?--that is, the setting, ideas, and characters struck me as real.

more particularly, i was convinced that leonardo dicaprio was really from zimbabwe. his speech (and looks) reminded me of a zimbabwean teacher that i met last year. in fact, as i watched, i thought, "wow, i thought rob was a teacher. he never told us about his time in the south african defense force...."


Emily said...

Aww... I was just looking to see if anyone I knew had read any Michael Chabon, and stumbled upon the top of your movie list. Searching for Bobby Fischer is my favorite movie of all time!


andrew said...

sorry, emily, i've never read michael chabon. it's been several years, but i think that i was intrigued by WONDER BOYS. however, i was a tobey maguire fan at the time, so i'm not sure what i'd think now. chabon sounds like a funny guy--novelist, screenwriter, comic book author (comicist?). he's even publishing a serial novel (JEWS WITH SWORDS).

anyway, if you read some chabon, let me know what you think. and, i agree, SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER is a sweet movie. i think i'll bump it up a point.