Thursday, January 18, 2007

camera advice?

my camera is broken. apparently, the d70 is a fragile creature. during a recent trip to portland, it was stuffed in its protective case and stored in a clothes hamper with my laptop and some clean laundry. as i was loading my parents car, i perched the hamper on the hood of my ford ranger so that i could open their trunk, and the hamper crashed to the ground. my laptop frame was bruised but the operating system appears functional. the camera, however, is dead.

the folks at photo-tronics were kind enough to give me a free estimate: $79 for new parts, $325 for labor. blast! now i must decide how to proceed:

1. spend $400 to repair my d70 (two years ago i paid $1200 for this camera and its kit lens; critics now refer to it as ancient)
2. spend $600 on the new d40 (released in november, this camera is 6 oz lighter than the d70)
3. spend $1000 to buy a d80 (released last summer, this camera is already being described as old, but it has 4 more mp than the d40 and d70)
4. spend $2200 on the d200 (way too much money for all the camera i would ever need...until it breaks too)
5. buy a used d70 body and use my old kit lens (this probably costs about the same as a repair)

i'm leaning toward options 1 and 2. hmmm...if i just sell 10-15 times as many pictures on istock, i won't have to fork out a penny of real money.


Chadius said...

Bummer man. Of course if you go for a new camera you can get the body only not the kit and save some. If I had lotsa extra money I'd sell you my d70 and get the d80 or 200 myself. alas I am broke currently paying someone to work full time.

andrew said...

chadius, do you know much about the d40? this ken rockwell guy says he hardly uses his d70 or d80. he mostly uses his d40 and occasionally fishes out the d200 for "serious" work:

thanks for the near offer at a d70 sale. just think, you're broke now, but in a decade you'll probably be rolling in fancy nikon cameras (or lenses at least).