Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a recipe

that is, a list of ingredients that should constitute the return of fun in this post-gre world:

1. hiking {i need hiking buddies}
2. reading {i'm currently reading annie dillard's pilgrim at tinker creek, raymond carver's cathedral, and, if i get a sudden burst of gusto, the last half of tolstoy's anna karenina. however, i'd like to be reading kafka's metamorphosis and thomas mann's the magic mountain.}
3. pianoing {i think i need some new music}
4. cleaning {my camera}
5. blogging {i've run dry. i have little to say at the moment. that's why i've resorted to posting lists and one-sentence book reviews.}
6. sporting {need sports buddies}
7. movieing {no more jane austen/edith wharton movies for awhile}
8. ?
9. ?

andrew david 'and at chad's request, cut two avocados in half, slice and bandange your fingers, remove the avocado seeds and skin, drizzle pulp with lemon juice, and then mash it together with chopped yellow bell pepper, minced cilantro, and jalapenos' puerto vallarta, mexico.


Becky said...

Kings of Convenience, hiking (let' go sometime?), Camus, avocados, Annie Dillard, and moms who coerce you into reading the daily bread reflections... I never knew we had so much in common, Andrew. I am currently reading pilgrim at tinker creek, among other things...

I don't think you're supposed to like the death of ivan illych.

If you want to read more about living peaceably with all men (and women too), check out Wendell Berry's essay called "Peaceableness Toward Enemies" available online at

It's a keeper. Quote 1: "...Peace is not the result of war, any more than love is the result of hate or generosity the result of greed. [The decision to go to war] was the result of the failure, on the part of all of its participants, to be peaceable."

Quote 2: "The essential point is the ancient one: that to be peaceable is, by definition, to be peaceable in time of conflict. Peaceableness is not the amity that exists between people who agree, nor is it the exhaustion or jubilation that follows war. It is not passive. It is the ability to act to resolve conflict without violence. If it is not a practical and a practicable method, it is nothing. As a practicable method, it reduces helplessness in the face of conflict. In the face of conflict, the peaceable person may find several solutions, the violent person only one."

Can't wait to hear how you and Beth faired on the gre. Now go have some fun!

Beth said...

This is the article I told you that you needed to read and you said you'd read it after the gre. That's #7 for you. Do it. It's long but it won't seem long when you're reading. I stole the link from Joel's blog.

Mari said...

Please disregard the caveat below: This is not a crazy thought. This is very sane and lucid.

Hey andrew, you can borrow any of my piano music!

Also, wait to read the metamorphosis for book club!!!

other fun things: go to south african movies on fridays.

Learn to salsa dance. more and more.

Chadius said...

thanks for the recipem I'll have to try that out some time.

andrew said...

hey, becky! nice to see you at the lamott talk. thanks for visiting my blog.

1. kings. this is all beth's doing. while at work one day, she kept raving about the song 'homesick' -- erland sings, 'i'll lose some sales and my boss won't be happy but i can't stop listening to the sound of two soft voices blended in perfection from the reels of this record that i found.' perhaps, in a strange twist of autobiography, the record he found is his own.

2. hiking. sure, but the more difficult dilemna is when and how...

3. camus. even when i'm not in a thinking mood, camus intrigues me. i keep coming back to his absurd little world. in fact, i didn't realize until just now, but albert may be the only author from whom i've voluntarily read three whole books during the course of the last five years...

4. dillard. i'm just starting pilgrim at tinker creek. i like it, but i can feel myself getting lost in its slow, miandering pace. dillard never takes a direct route; she examines a wash cloth from every angle, wringing out metaphor after metaphor. and then, just when you think you've left the kitchen, she's back with that rag.

5. peace. i really think you should get a job with daily bread. you could start a side project known as the daily smorgasbord. it'd be the thinking man's companion to the daily bread. either that or you could just be their model daily bread reader. really, i'm inspired by your diligence with a topic from this devotional. i should tell your mom; she'd be proud.

6. quotes. so, to simplify, a peaceable person is just more resourceful than a violent person?

andrew said...

beth (and, in that case, joel) --

i'm half way through the article. it's lonnnnnnnnnng but interesting. some day i promise to finish it and give a more insightful response some.

andrew said...

mari -- any comment that ends in 'learn to salsa dance...' is at least a little crazy.

1. music. you have so much. where would i start?

2. metamorphosis. okay, but i'm a bit worried. while browsing the shelves of capitol hill's half price books (where, hallelujah, books really are half price!) i discovered that there are about twenty different translations of that book. this is worrisome. i think that the translation choice might be critical -- my authoritative translation of the trial sucks! actually, i'm more worried that kafka was just an idea guy. maybe his writing just tends to be straight-forward.

3. movies. sorry about missing the movies. well, i'm not that sorry, just a little. as you know, i was eastering...

andrew said...

chadius -- you're welcome. although, it's hardly mine. and it really isn't a recipe, just a picture title that happens to be recipe-ish. i promise to reply to your past picture posts soooon. i promise....