Thursday, April 06, 2006

back page: albert camus & bruce chatwin

an even more abbreviated version
(and please note that the title of this post consists of author names rather than book titles)

4/78 the plague (albert camus) - guest reviewer: hubbert
in the face of absurdity, how do men act? the doctor: fight the absurdity of being a healer. grand: the sentence.

ca. 2/2/01 the plague (albert camus) - alright. i'm back.
a dark, thought rendering book set forth in typical camus style. [random relevant camus quote: 'they had become allergic to hope']

ca 12/00 caligula and three other plays (albert camus)
strange....ah, yes, camus.

9/16/02 the stranger (albert camus)
crazy. finds hope in hopelessness. i wonder what happens to the stranger...

5/22/02 oldfield park, bath, england in patagonia (bruce chatwin)
hmm...I'll have to think on this (and meanwhile visit patagonia)....he [chatwin] finds amazing intrigue [and, as i note elsewhere in the book, ridiculousness and sadness] in stories that might otherwise seem boring archaeology

andrew david 'the jungle saint' puerto vallarta, mexico.


Chadius said...

Hey Andrew, I am looking at your profile statement and am left wondering when the pithy mission statement is coming.

Also how about some of those cooking tips you tease? I noticed cooking tips did not come up in your categorization of the 17 point scale.

andrew said...


the one-year anniversary might be a good time for a pithy mission statement. after all, by glancing at several of my recent entries (e.g., the 17 point scale categorization to which you allude), i think it's clear that i'm still in the process of determining what this blog is really about.

actually, on saturday i attended my first ever cheese-making class (through bethan arts college). steve van selus at one time applied to be an apprentice cheese-maker, so i thought the class might be a clever way of luring him to seattle and getting some free cheese. perhaps i'll share some tips about making cheese.

by the way, hi chad!

and also, everyone who reads this message, i'm sorry that there aren't any new posts since thursday. it's a bit odd -- now that i have all this free time after the gre, i feel like i have less blogging steam. instead, i spend the last 30 minutes of my waking hours playing zelda on