Sunday, February 12, 2006

my birthday loot

1. 2 packages of chips ahoy
2. 1 package of ding dongs
3. 1 package of oreos
4. 1 gallon of 2% milk
5. an apple decorer
6. a lamp
7. a basketball
8. korean chimes
9. a seahawks shirt
10. a piano tuning
11. a magnet
12. a set of genetics lectures
13. some cash


beth said...

which present is your favorite?

andrew said... about i give you several favorites?

favorite aesthetic gift: chimes

favorite functional gift: lamp
runner-up favorite functional gift: piano tuning

favorite carpe diem gift: package of chips ahoy
runner-up favorite carpe diem gifts: oreos, milk

possible favorites if received later in the year: seahawks shirt or basketball

Anonymous said...

i said which present single not plural is your favorite.

andrew said...

well, to determine my favorite gift would probably require a comlex formula of some kind. but i really shouldn't be doing math (or replying to your question) at to i prefer aesthetics, functionality, or eating? at the moment, i'm quite hungry, so i'll say: the oreos.