Monday, February 27, 2006

the first essence [4]

Here is the fourth poem from my unpublished anthology Poems Written in Brady's UCORE Notes at 3AMish ca 2001:

She is frozen
Locked in a box of frost.

perhaps by continually mentioning shaun alexander in the context of poetry i am unintentionally cheapening his poetic legacy. if this is the case, please forgive me, for i must make one final comparison. consider the nfl a symbol for the entire literary history of the world. within this bulging body of work, my anthology, Poems Written in Brady's UCORE Notes at 3AMish, would be best represented by the 2005 nfc champions, the seattle seahawks. and, stepping deeper into the anthology, one finds DiGiorno, the shaun alexander of poetery, the mvp. For more information concerning this poetry, please refer to my post entitled 'the first essence [1]' or other poems from this anthology (simply search 'first essence' in my blog).

andrew david. 'big fish' puerto vallarta, day 1.
check out his eyeball. i've always wanted to say that.


Pat said...

Stop putting Shaun "I want to play with the Panthers" Alexander on a pedestal. He is an average to better than average running back that is behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Not to mention playing on a team that opens the running game with its passing. If you want to know the real MVP - that would be Matt Hasselbeck - and I would prefer you compare him to Freschetta and not DiGiorno. Sorry - your poetry triggered an anti-alexander moment in me.

Lendale White for 2006-2007 (or Domanick Davis - or, heck, why not make a trade to Houston for Reggie)!

andrew said...


thank you for the critique. you're right on target, but before you crucify me, please put my comments in perspective. if you strip the paragraph of its elaborate metaphor, you find that i'm basically just saying 'this is the best poem of the anthology' or, in football terms, 'this is the mvp.' unfortunately, i was constrained by fact when writing this entry. the metaphor wouldn't work if i used hasselbeck instead of alexander; like it or not, alexander was the league's MVP.

in fact, i agree with you that matt may very well be seattle's most valuable player, and that even mr. rogers could gain a few yards if he played behind our offensive line. if we lose alexander, i will be very interested to see how alexander adjusts to life on another team. if he keeps breaking records on other teams, i hope you'll join me in a farewell 17 point scale tribute.

finally, freschetta, the better dressed younger brother of tony's pizza (yes, they are both made by the same company). i may be wrong, but i don't believe that seattle stores carried freschetta in 2001 (when this poem was written).