Wednesday, February 22, 2006

happy monday to you

yes, i'm oddly blessed; today is my monday, yet friday is less than 48 hours away. still, like many mondays, i'm a bit work weary and unwilling to splatter my brains about the keyboard as i struggle to wittily recap my adventures in paradise. i'll save that mixed joy for another day. in the meantime, i have about a billion pictures from the trip (well, at least 750), so perhaps i'll include sequential puerto vallarta pictures at the end of my next several posts. like usual, i may also do a few picture-only posts.

oh, and here's andrew's calendar for the month of march:
1. study, study, study. gre is on april first. i'm serious
2. escape the evil clutches of jack bauer and the first season of 24. i'm sure that liz would be delighted to know that i watched episodes 1-2 this evening. uh oh.

andrew david. 'day 1' sea tac airport.
ugh. my computer tells me that this photo was taken at 5:09am. that's after catching a cab, checking in, and jostling our way through security. our threesome was understandably exhausted. in fact, i'd been sick for the previous few days and unable to sleep. angie (pictured here) pulled a v-day all-nighter ('a singles party...the best party ever...did i tell you about the jellow shots? ohhh...scandalous...' she would later recount over and over again).