Monday, May 21, 2007

no time for a decent blog's what i hope to blog about soon:

  1. my cat dream
  2. some movies (blades of glory, the queen, the last king of scotland, spiderman III)
  3. some books (the martian chronicles, all the pretty horses, the crossing, an american tragedy)
  4. something thoughtful; at the moment the blog feels like it's drifting in a sea of the mundane, and i'd like to change that, but if i try too hard, my posts have a flashy, contrived feel (like in the last post).
  5. an excerpt from my first newsletter article. i know you're all rather anxious to learn about biomarkers and alzheimer's disease!

andrew david. "tourists and the oddly shaped nests of the montezuma oropendola." tikal, guatemala.