Tuesday, May 08, 2007

superman is coming! (and dreams 3 and a debate-related comic)

1. devin's film superman: the battle for home premiers wednesday night at seattle's admiral theater. admittance is free but popcorn is not.

2. sorry, everyone. as usual, i've lost interest in the three-part post that i was hoping to finish this week. i finished the storytelling and find myself far less interested in the punchline (i.e., my alleged ability to prophecy in my dreams). but i'll do my best in a sentence or three. here's a recap of what i dreamt:

  • wednesday night: i met brady and his pregnant wife (as opposed to the not-pregnant one) alisha in the lobby of a hotel in belize. the stairwell to their room ended about a flight before their room, so i climbed on the roof to look for another entrance.
  • thursday night: i hung out with a millionaire who liked ramming into cars, burning them, and leaving large checks for their owners.
  • thursday night: i wandered over to an umbrella nonprofit outside the mall and saw brady talking with a volunteer. it turned out that an unknown woman had dropped her baby off with the nonprofit and not returned. brady packed the baby in his mountaineering bag and we set off to find the mother.
first, a little context. brady and alisha live in spokane. the last time i spoke to them was last summer when they attended danny's wedding reception. in other words, there is no impetus for them to suddenly appear in my dream.

well, on friday, the day after the second dream, i called my buddy jonathan to see if he was free to play tennis the next day. he was up for some morning tennis but had dinner plans--brady and alisha were coming to town! somehow my unconscious mind predicted their arrival...and alisha's pregnancy. crazy.

you may think, "that's just a pair of coincidences, mr. andrew," but my powers were later confirmed by my television. some friends and i are playing catch-up on lost, and sunday's episode just happened to be centered around desmond's strange new ability to see the future. is it a coincidence that i found a fellow seer less than a week later? hardly.

and since those first prescient dreams, i've had yet another vision of the future. one night i dreamt of an orange cat (if you're lucky, i'll share that dream in a later post), and then the next day, as i sipped tea and read cormac mccarthy's the crossing in my backyard, an orange cat secretly prowled in the grass. yes, i am a prophet.

3. here's a comic my roommate showed me that almost relates back to thursday's post about my mad debating skills:
Conspiracy Theories
it's from xkcd.com


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to see the full comic to get the full essence?

andrew said...

that's odd. it showed up fine on my computer. i don't know how to downsize the comic, so just click on the link below it.

(or visit: http://xkcd.com/c258.html)

Emily said...

I think you should know that this cartoon provoked at least one night of ridiculous staying-up-late-and-giggling at the rest of the website, because in a former life I was a cryptographer/programmer and I'm easily amused.

Also--I think you and Beth should join Facebook, now that IMAGE is there. I mean, GREG has a facebook now, for heaven's sake. I think I should go bug Beth on myspace.

andrew said...

i told my roommate about your late-night xkcd joy.

i hardly use myspace, so i don't know that i could handle another online personality. i'm already spread too thin between email, this blog, and my istockphoto account.

andrew said...

...not to mention my daily blog-reading circuit: lookoutlanding.com, ussmariner.com, http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/mariners/, and http://blogs.thenewstribune.com/seahawks/