Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'm almost back...

[10/22 - i'm still almost back. my freelance editing is finished, the deadline for my image update blurb was extended, and i've finished 24; there's no excuse to be gone much longer....]

...but in the meantime, i'm following nora's advice and posting a goofy picture of mari. nora also suggested that i have my readers (e.g., nora) send me other unusual pictures of ms. becker to post. and don't worry, although this photo may make the 17 point scale ombuds(wo)man seem threatening, at the moment she's out of town, so you should be safe.

andrew david. "mari growl" mt pilchuck, wa

623 to go


Mari said...

Dear Andrew,

My name is Mari and I am quite scary. I bite and growl and am known to run rampant through washington's state parks as well as urban neighborhoods such as greenwood. If I were you, (which I'm not, I am much scarier than you), I would refrain from posting certain even more frightening photos that a certain Nora possesses.

andrew said...

yikes...don't worry i wouldn't even consider posting pictures of you. there are some dark allies in greenwood, and i'd hate to find you lurking in their shadows. however...if i happened upon a picture of someone in a "blanket sleeper" -- ( -- i probably wouldn't realize that they were scary.