Tuesday, October 24, 2006

bethany wilderness retreat

by the conclusion of yesterday's post, i nearly convinced myself that i'm a stuttering fool in conversational contexts, and although that may be somewhat true, i also have flashes of social brilliance. stop laughing. it's true. errrr...ummm...well, look at this, a list of bethany folk that i met at the mt. baker wilderness retreat and can still remember after more than 2 weeks:

allen - tall...wild as a youth

blake - electrician
braden - manager at a conservative think tank
brendan - va lab tech for sean's friend ernie
brent - administrator and part-time guide for an international climbing guide service
brian - netflix apostle
chris - lived in an igloo while working as a ski instructor
dale - wamu dude; taught english in japan
daniela - professor of food and nutritional sciences at spu
dave - friendly atheist turned christian
emilie - social worker-to-be
john - office assistant for a law company, a david james duncan fan, and a uw student in the writing program
ilse - nice person on a couch
jack - competitive eater
jonathan - teacher-to-be at central
karen - listener to my interrogation of rob
leif - marketing guru (gf: carly)
laura - ? loaner of sunglasses
michael - spu student of history
nicola - former spu student
rod - professor of history at spu
ruth - part-time worker and wife of rod
scott - director at tap root theater

there are several other faces that i can't match to names.
and there are also several faces that i can match to names but with whom i didn't actually speak.

thanks for indulging me in this chance to illustrate my stellar memory and great prowess in meeting people (i.e., conversation).

andrew david. "
and then the priest coughed and said, 'but, sir, the lodge is the people' " mt baker, wa.