Thursday, August 31, 2006

pizza grease

i'm still on a writing haitus, so this will be brief.

today, as i was carving words from a 34 page grant proposal on TOMM40 (that's a gene, you can tell because it's written in uppercase italics) and alzheimer's disease, i happened to get pizza grease in my ear. i was so busy learning about mitochondria, haplotype expression, and mRNA splice variants that i neglected to watch my fingers as they moved from the keyboard to the digiorno and back again. then i had a sudden ear itch. and, well, you get the picture. there's some kind of a moral here, but what it is, i can't say...

andrew david. "fun on the subway" nyc.

ps. don't hire me to do your portrait. i took 5 shots of matt and jacinda during this sub ride, and every single one of them is unintentionally kooky. for instance, in this photo jacinda is a bit googly-eyed, which, on second thought, is probably more matt's fault than this here camera man. in any case, the 5 subway shots were the ONLY shots i got of the basingers during the entire weekend. argh.


Matt Basinger said...

nice picture. Jacinda is hot, even when she is googley eyed.


andrew said...

you're probably right. (i'm not sure how the rules of edicate work when talking about another man's wife. regardless of whether i thought she was hot, perhaps it would be inappropriate to agree with you...?)