Thursday, June 28, 2007

sufjan stevens cover

i'm a world famous musician! my band just aired our music video for sufjan stevens's "chicago" on youtube. i'm the fellow on secondo piano and occasional background vocals.

(if you press play and the video appears to be slow or perpetually loading, click the youtube logo in the right-hand corner of the video screen and follow it to the youtube site. also, be sure to take part in the first ever 17 point scale poll--see the side bar--and leave poll-related comments here on this post.)


Brendan said...

I like the way the video has no cuts- it's one, continuous shot. Very nice. Also, that dude playing the piano is CRAZY good. Who IS that guy?

Beth said...

I voted for Jesus, but let's be honest, I should have voted for "I have no idea."

andrew said...

yeah, the camerawoman deserves props for that. her name is jill. she currently works at mt rainier, which is unfortunate because there is no internet up there, so she can't bask daily in her handiwork.

the pianists are amazing. they tend to shy from public performances, but they've been seen playing at the norse retirement home. i may even post something from that secondo piano player in a later post.'d think that singer/songwriters with MFAs might scrape together less confusing lyrics, eh? still, i'm glad you attempted a guess. i think it's a shame how frequently we let lyrics slip by us and don't grapple with the musicians' meanings.