Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the reason i didn't blog tonight

i'm getting tired of looking at that last post every time i boot up the internet, so i thought i'd shoo it further down the page by writing a sentence or two about why i'm not writing:

  1. first, i toured alex's new house and ate at his neighborhood BBQ joint. fans of the blog might remember alex because of his vast collection of music (somewhere between 3,800 and 4,016 songs) which i nabbed and subsequently rated. during our afternoon chat i was shocked to learn two things: (a) alex is renting his two-bedroom ballard house for an insane $600 a month and (b) because of financial problems (i.e., working as a mars hill intern, having an upcoming wedding this month, and being alex), he is no able to keep current with the indie music scene. still, he let me borrow the shins' latest album.
  2. i'm breezing through dick staub's the culturally savvy christian: a manifesto for deepening faith and enriching popular culture in an age of christinaity-lite, the next book that i've been asked to review for imageupdate. i have to finish skimming the book and writing a one-paragraph blurb by thursday morning.

andrew david. "conversations in spanish I: but what if he's this tall? can he still ride the octopus? yes, sir, it is right over there, in the field." san ignacio town, belize.


Andi said...

How much does an American earn per month?
Are $600 much for renting a house?
What do you normally pay for a house per month?

andrew said...

i'm not sure. most of my friends are 4ish years out of college and probably make around $2500/month. some make as little as $1000/month (which is too low to save any money, live alone, or buy expensive things like cars and computers) and others may make more than $4000/month.

$600 is very cheap for a two-bedroom house in seattle. some studio apartments (that is, apartments with less than one bedroom) cost more than that. my two-bedroom house is $1050/month.

of course, you have to add utilities to any of those costs.

how much are rent and wages in your city?

andi said...

They earn in my country around $4100. People which finished college earn normally $7000++

Renting a house is not so popular.
I know someone who rents a one-room flat/apartment. He pays around $560 and he lives out of a big city.