Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a pat on my back

tonight i was sean (i.e., i was an offensive juggernaut). during our pregame soccer warm-ups, rebecca reported that sean was at home on the couch; the flu had transformed him into a miserable blob of snot. and after that chat, i knew that i had to serve honorably as his replacement; i had to let his legacy shine. and how better to remember sean then to score a goal? so i did (my first ever, i should add). and then i had an assist for our second goal of the night. whooohooo! unfortunately, the opposing team mounted a comeback during the second half, and we only managed a 2-2 tie, but there's still an itsy-bitsy chance that a tie will be enough to propel the WE PLAY BETTER ON GRASS into the title game.


father of the s.o. "look out. here come the crazies." ocean shores, washington.


Matt Basinger said...

congratulations, truly. (But you need to finish your ash wednesday story! Tomorrow I leave for Uganda for 10 days and likely won't have internet access...are you going to leave me hanging for that long?)