Sunday, March 11, 2007

crazy weekend, boring post

i haven't posted a weekend wrap-up in a long time, but today the bliss must end. over the course of the weekend, i completed the following activities

  • watched 300 with sean, rebecca, mark, and golden boy
  • sat in a bar and quizzed tavia, brook, veronica, and devon about whitney, the birthday girl
  • played pull tabs
  • tossed a bowling ball in the general direction of some pins
  • kicked a soccer ball with mark
  • ran to the carkeek park beach (6m) as part of my training for the marathon in which i probably won't run
  • competed in the st. patrick's day dash (5k)
  • at broccoli with my breakfast
  • biked to beth's in sandals and pajamas
  • rehearsed mari's arrangement of "chicago!" with my fellow bandmates (we haven't yet discussed an offical moniker)
  • climbed on my roof in a failed attempt to break into our house
  • hired a locksmith to perform the aforementioned break-in
however, i did not complete the following:
  • pay my taxes
  • watch tsotsi, the son, or babetta's feast
  • update the movies on my blog
and that's all i have to say for now.

andrew david. "as i prepared for the next shot, an ooze monster jumped out of the hazardous waste bin and mauled me" seattle VAPSHCS, wa.


Matt Basinger said...

wow what a wondefully full and eventful weekend...sounds perfectly wonderful to me - spending time with friends, exercising, adventuresome roof/break-in memory-making...makes me really miss Seattle and friends there as I picture some of what you describe.


andrew said...

we miss you too matt. actually, i bet you really would have enjoyed our "band practice." mari created a score for sufjan's "chicago!" still, i bet your adventures overseas sure beat my rooftop shenanigans.