Friday, July 25, 2008

leave it be

The world is full of wonders, great big wonders and little tiny wonders. Yet we are often so caught up in our routines and single-minded sense of purpose, that we barrel right by these God-granted glories.

On a recent bus ride downtown, I was having one of those moments. My eyes were locked on the seat in front of me, but my mind was elsewhere. I was worried about our fare or the next stop or what was for dinner, and then Beth nudged me and directed my attention out our window. She was pointing at a rather ordinary looking rose bush.

"What?" I asked.

"Look at that leaf," she said, "If you think about it, that leaf is in a constellation of other leaves, a rose bush universe."

That's not quite what she said, but I think it sums up her point. Beth was highlighting the miracle of life. That leaf, albeit it an ordinary, brainless bunch of chloroplast, experiences rain storms and beetle migrations, Metro exhaust and pedestrian chatter. I doubt there's a mansion in heaven for that leaf, but here on earth God has provided it with everything it needs; He has even provided it with purpose. That tiny, insignificant leaf is responsible for some of the earth's oxygen. We breathe because of that leaf (and his leaf buddies).

So pause and smell the air. Taste the food. Listen to the sounds. Live in the moment.

And remember, God wants you right where you are: That leaf makes air, and you sit there reading this blog.

[adapted from a letter to someone traveling abroad]


Anonymous said...

Jump in and thrive!