Thursday, July 12, 2007

big events in the real world

for once i feel legitimately vindicated in my 17 point scale absence. since we last spoke, my world has exploded. by world, i mean my friends, my teams, and myself, and by explode, i mean that the last two weeks have been crazy ridiculous.

my friends

  1. alex got married and headed off on his honeymoon
  2. sean finally left on his honeymoon
  3. my roommate got laid off
  4. beth and her roommates got a tentative eviction notice
  5. the other andrew and some of beth's roommates (i.e., whitney and nora) confirmed that they were beginning new life adventures in sunny california while others (i.e., joel & sara, mari, my parents) set off or prepared to set off for trips to china
my teams
  1. the sonics drafted kevin durant and jeff green and signed wally szcerbiak, delonte west, general manager sam presti, and coach pj carlesimo
  2. the sonics traded ray allen and rashard lewis
  3. the muckleshoot indian tribe is considering the possibility of the construction of a new sonics arena
  4. the mariners are still winning, and at 50-36 are only 2 games out of 1st place in the west and 1 game out of 1st place in the wild card race
  5. after jj putz and ichiro, a pair of sports bloggers may be the leading MVPs for the mariners this year; perhaps i'll explain more later
  6. the others, my amazing soccer team, are 0-3 with an ever climbing goal differential and potential for success
  1. i finished the text for the first issue of that silly newsletter that i mentioned a few months; i'll post a link when it's all fine and dandified
  2. i spent the last week or so in ocean shores with the s.o., her family, and my family; it was the first meeting of the two clans
  3. i have a new job! i am the assistant creative writing editor for the other journal; i'll explain more later
if life slows down and gets ordinary again, i'll be sure to visit more frequently.

andrew david. "the wize young iguana listens patiently to andrew's list" san ignacio town, belize.