Sunday, April 08, 2007

greetings from belize

hi, everyone.

we have internet access at our house here in san pedro, so i figured i'd say hello. i don't tend to use the 17 point scale as a diary or travelogue, so i'm not sure what more to say. perhaps a list will do. belize is warm; humid; lush; sandy; formerly british; trilingual; friendly (yet a thousand years removed from those violent mayans a la gibson); well populated by meat dishes like pork chops and shrimp; regulated by "sleeping policemen" (i.e., speed bumps); and rather colourful. it's also a great place for relaxing (e.g., beach and poolside lounging) and adventuring (e.g., summiting mayan ruins, spelunking, evading backcountry armed robbers). maybe if i get ambitious, i'll try my hand at another travel essay, but i doubt it. in the meantime, here's a trio of pictures from DAY 1:

andrew david "freshly squeezed ojay" and "three chairs" cahal pech resort, san ignacio town, belize.

andrew david. "the steps to death" cahal pech ruins, san ignacio town, belize.


Brendan said...

Wow. Sounds like you're having fun. You'll have to detail me on the backcountry robbers, and the "steps of death." Sounds intriguing.

andrew said...

yeah, it was a lot of fun. steps of death doesn't really refer to us. i titled the picture that because the mayans at cahal pech performed human sacrifices, and if they were anything like mel gibson's apocolyptos, the unfortunate souls were beheaded at the top of those steps so that their heads could bounce dramatically down to the crowds below. thus the steps of death.