Sunday, February 25, 2007

free sonics tickets!

leave me a message if you're interested in free (lower bowel) sonics tickets. the catch is that you'd have to go to olympia (with me?) on monday evening.

if you're thinking "maybe...but why would i go to olympia?" well, there's a legislative hearing about the $300 million tax proposal to keep the sonics in washington state, and the Save Our Sonics/Storm organization is giving out free tickets, shirts, and food to people who come and show their support for the sonics. if i find someone else that's crazy enough to drive south after work, i'll probably go.

this website has the details:

forward this to anyone you know that likes the sonics (and free basketball) enough to drive (or carpool) to olympia.

random gusts of rain keep triggering the motion sensor on the light outside my bedroom window. instead of sleeping, i find myself thinking about aurora, soccer, and the sonics. more particularly, i've been imagining myself renting a room in one of those nasty hotels down on 85th, wondering how many new friends it would take to assemble a king county soccer team, and betting that i won't find any takers on my olympia adventure, which will probably make me happy in the end, because i don't really want to meet a bunch of sonics fans and hobnob with politicians....


Completely Insane said...

Hey Andeerew! I wilt go woth u to teh s0nikz event! I like lower bowel ticketz! W00t!

Matt Basinger said...

Andrew, did you go????!!!

Will this be the end of the Sonics???!!!!

andrew said...

1. part of the reason that the sonics need a new stadium is that they currently play in the key, which has an upper bowel and a lower bowel. it's rather disgusting. i suppose i should have mentioned that in my argument against i-91.

2. sorry, insane fellow, that we weren't able to hook up for a drive south.

3. nope, i didn't go. i couldn't find anyone who wanted to drive to olympia for free tickets (and i wasn't about to make the drive alone). more importantly, i had an imageupdate blurb to finish.

4. not yet, but soon. the senate seems to be pushing this deal, but the house of reps wants to pass the decision on to the people in the form of an initiative. i suppose that's good for democracy and but bad politics for a republic. in any case, a public vote would probably spell the end of the sonics. there's also a chance that there won't even be a decision during this session. with the sonics staying another year (they missed the nba deadline for requesting a change of address) seattle, there's a chance that something could get done next year....