Sunday, November 19, 2006

quotes from a music prof

in 2001 steve van selus and i took a course on the history of western music. it was part of a series for music majors, but somehow the philosopher and i conned the administration into believing that we had some kind of musical prowess. thus, we found ourselves studying at the feet of dr. v-rnon w-cker, a white-haired happy gentleman who serves as the top-dawg editor for hymnology annual. for some reason i was frequently amused by dr. wick-r's mannerisms, so amused that i compiled a list of ver-on wi-ker quotes:

“Oh, curses!” exclamation
“Come on, let’s not get gory here.” admonition
“I’m not promoting persecution, but….” odd
“I’m not throwing tomatoes or rocks at other profs on campus, but.....”
“I can’t think of any real christianly term for this.”
“I don’t think I’m a fanatic.”
“Music is math, just beautiful math.” music
“I love Billy Graham.” famous people
“Bach will be standing at the gates of heaven greeting us.”
“All hell is breaking loose.” current events

andrew david. "yellow field" saskatchewan, canada.